In this platform we only accept eco-friendly boats. Electric, wind or solar-powered.



1- Sign up with Facebook or e-mail
2- Add for free your eco-boat or experience by clicking the green button on the top right.
3- Select a category: Electric boat, electric Yacht, Sailing or Experience
4- Select listing type. Rent per hour or per day
5- Add price, photos, location and descriptive information about your boat or experience.


6- Await requests and communicate in the platform. Check your inbox.

7- Arrange a time and location to meet.

8- Get paid via Paypal. ( "We are on a Boat" charges 14% commission over the total booking amount. The 14% will be deducted from the total booking amount.)



1- Sign up with Facebook or e-mail
2- Browse and view all the details about our Electric boats, electric Yachts, Sailing or Experiences. All the boats are eco-friendly. We carefully select green boats only.
3- Choose a boat and communicate with the owner.

4- Book a boat and arrange a time and location to meet.
5- Pay securely via paypal.
6- If you decide to rent a boat, remember to share the extra space with someone using our app. iOS & Android. Make new friends while reducing the boat rental costs.


16% of all rental fees will be added to the donation programme to help organisations that have a meaningful

purpose of keeping our waters safe and clean such as Ocean Cleanup, Plastic Whale, Boat refugee foundation, and others.

So, the more fun you have, more you help.


If you decide to rent a boat remember to share the extra space with our app.
Make new friends while reducing the boat rental costs.

Common Questions

What is this app about? - We are on a boat is a mobile app. We match people who would like to be on a boat, with people who are willing to share their boat.

What kind of people ride these Boats? - Awesome people. You catch a boat ride with friendly, everyday people in your city with extra space in their boats and a willingness to share them with you.

How much do I have to pay? - This aims to be a social-driven app, where you can meet great people. Therefore we deal with rewards. Rewards are simply goods. Food, drinks or a small contribution to the boat fuel. You choose. Captains can suggest a reward. And passengers can suggest what they would bring on board to make this boat ride more pleasant for both.

How can I start? - f you’d like to list your boat, just snap a picture and share your sweet boat with awesome people like you. We help you meet up, exchange the boat ride, and have a great experience, whether you’re the captain or the passenger.

Recommendations - Always treat the “We’re on a boat” Community members as you’d like to be treated… awesomely.
Be generous with ratings. Be nice and constructive. We appreciate honest and respectful feedback.
Have fun, be safe and enjoy the boat ride.

Share the love - The bigger the community gets, more boat rides for everyone.

Step by Step

Login - You can login with your e-mail or via Facebook.

Define your location - Define your pickup location, or enter your pickup address directly in the Search Bar.

Find a boat near you - Click in the boat icons to see the number of places available and the photo of the respective captain.

Meet the Captain - Know more about the Captain. Bio, Reviews, friends and photo of the boat.

Request a Boat Ride - If the Captain and his boat sparks your interest, message him and request a Boat ride. 

Unlock your Phone Number - Once you are in touch with the Captain you can turn on your Phone number visibility, so the Captain can call you directly.

Reward the Captain - Rewards could be simply snacks, drinks or a small contribution to the Boat fuel. Be generous with the Captain.

Review your Boating Experience - Rate and Review the Captain, your feedback is important. Be nice and constructive.

Become a Captain - If you have a boat, you can also become a Captain. Click Captain Mode "On" to start sharing.

Number of places available on your boat - Define the number of people that can go on your boat with a simple circular movement.


Tips for Passengers

Be Nice - Always be nice to captains… they’re just like you.

Your Location - Be as accurate as possible with your pickup/drop-off locations.

Be honest - Be honest with captains about how many people are with you. Most boats seriously have a number limited of people they can take on board, please respect that.

Rewards - Reward the captain in the moment you get on his boat. Be generous.

Cancellations - If you must cancel, do it as early as possible and have a good reason.

Become a Captain - If you have a boat, consider to become a Captain!

Have Fun.

Tips for Captains

Be Nice - Always be nice to passengers… they’re just like you.

Take Care of your Boat - Keep your boat in good conditions. Clean and in good shape.

Stay Safe - Be a safe Captain. Respect the water. It’s good for everybody.

Be on time - If anything is holding you up, call your passenger to let him know you're running late. He would appreciate.

Be Flexible - Ask the passengers if they would like to go on a specific route.

Cancellations - If you must cancel, do it as early as possible and have a good reason.

License - Make sure you have your Captain license in order.
Some countries require a specific license to take passengers on board with a fee or other compensation. Please respect the local regulations.

Have Fun.